Join LifeLearn, the NAVC, Vet Advantage, and others who’ve enjoyed the tremendous value of our veterinary copywriting services

You’ve just found a copywriter who’s been writing effective veterinary marketing materials for local practices, global suppliers, and industry journals since 2000.

Pam Foster of ContentClear Marketing has spoken several times at the NAVC (now VMX) on local SEO for veterinary practices

And, we’ve been speaking, training and consulting on veterinary industry marketing, too.

Wouldn’t it be great to tap into the veterinary industry knowledge of a copywriter who was the staff Senior Copywriter and Creative Leader at IDEXX Laboratories for 6 years…

Who worked for Pet Health Network to create client education content alongside the industry’s top veterinarians, as well as their marketing website…

Who provided veterinary website training at a Patterson sales meeting…

and provided consulting and writing for many other industry clients?

Well now you can!

You can benefit from the services of a veterinary industry writer who understands…

  • Veterinary clinic customers are NOT customers, they’re clients
  • There’s one amazingly simple thing practices can do to improve their Google results (and most practices don’t do it!)
  • And, you need a powerful message to get the attention of busy practice decision makers

To see our veterinary copywriting work and consider what it can do for you — take a look at these featured clients and projects:


Vet Advantage Magazine includes articles and blog posts written by Pam Foster

Pam Foster writes articles and blog posts for Vet Advantage Magazine

Vet-Advantage Magazine

Pam started out as a regular columnist for the print edition of this industry journal, and more recently she has been writing for the Vet-Advantage Blog.

She’s also been a contributing writer to their print issues and their annual Capital Equipment Guide.


The NAVC (North American Veterinary Community)

As an NAVC staff member and freelance resource, Pam has helped drive record Conference attendance several years in a row as the writer of of the NAVC (VMX) website, email campaigns, direct mail, and more, and she wrote the daily on-site 24-page conference magazine.

Pam has spoken several times at NAVC Conferences and on YouTube, covering subjects related to veterinary practice marketing and local SEO (search engine optimization).

One of the many NAVC videos we presented was this: “The Ultimate Open House Approach to Veterinary Marketing.” Type “NAVC Veterinary Marketing” into YouTube search to see several other presentations delivered by Pam.


Today’s Veterinary Business

Today's Veterinary Business includes articles written by copywriter Pam Foster

Pam Foster is a contributing writer for Today’s Veterinary Business

This all-business journal for veterinary practices launched in August 2017, with a number of articles written by Pam.

Watch for many more to come!



Pam started out as a freelancer for LifeLearn’s signature veterinary marketing platform, WebDVM4, and its robust client education library ClientEd Online, and then joined the team full-time for a period.

During this time, she was responsible for veterinary marketing training, promotional copy, speaking, and staff SEO training. She established the company’s monthly campaigns that included free veterinary marketing guides, training webinars, and blog posts.

She’s also the voice and scriptwriter of their YouTube promotional video: Veterinary Websites and Marketing System Overview: LifeLearn WebDVM.


Perhaps you’d like to join these companies along with the following who’ve benefited from our veterinary industry copywriting services:

Copywriting for Veterinary Industry Companies

(Click on the links to see work that’s currently live)

Copywriting for Veterinary Practices

  • Animal Emergency Clinic, ME
  • Atrium Animal Hospital, NC
  • Exotic and Bird Clinic of New Hampshire
  • Lakewood Animal Hospital, FL
  • Sully Animal Hospital, VA

We’ve contributed to the success of companies marketing to veterinary practices, as well as websites and animal hospitals marketing to pet owners. All this means you can expect us to…

Craft your messages that will hit home to practice decision makers.

We know how to resonate with your audience: veterinary practices and those who work with them — by showing how you respect their dedication, can solve their struggles, help them educate their teams and clients, and make their lives easier with your solutions.

Make sure your products and services are viewed as the best out there.

For instance, most practices struggle with compliance (why do so many pet owners still skip monthly heartworm prevention?), so we’ll help you continue supporting staff efforts and client education so practices can improve animal health and pet-owner happiness. And, most practices didn’t learn about business skills in vet school, so we’ll show them how your products and services help them boost business revenue and run things more smoothly.

In short, you’ll stand out as your prospects’ hero, so they’ll choose you.

What do you need right now to grow your business?

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