Finally — an ethical search engine optimization resource with sales results in mind.

Our 5-step C-Clear Method™ combines SEO techniques and quality content for big results.

This website was written following our ethical search engine optimization approach with lead-gen in mind.

INTERESTING FACT: Many SEO companies can move up your website in Google rankings. But quite often, the SEO effort wasn’t written for SALES results, so those rankings don’t deliver what your prospects want.

For instance…

  • What do your Google page listings say to prospects?
    Is the copy inviting, problem-solving, unique, appealing, and “click worthy?”
  • And, what happens when potential customers click through to your site?
    Can they find what they need? Are they excited to have found you? Is the website clear and persuasive, leading to action?

While there are many factors affecting search engine rankings — such as inbound links, the age of your site, load time, and more — CONTENT IS STILL KING. You’ll find that quality, relevant, solution-oriented copywriting is the key to healthy traffic and sales.

Whether you’re using content to generate more inquiries, sign up new members, or sell more products, the following method and tools will help you achieve your marketing mission. Let’s see how it works.

The C-Clear Method for Web Search Optimization

1. Start by telling us what’s happening (or not happening!) now.

Contact us for an initial free conversation and a quick review of your site. We’ll discuss your goals, frustrations, and what you feel isn’t working right now.

During this conversation, we can briefly assess your site and pinpoint at least a few gaps right away, so you can see what’s missing related to SEO. Then, we’ll develop a strategic proposal including solutions, timelines, and a cost estimate for your project.

2. Confirm your mission, your ideal customer, and what you’re trying to convey.

Using our Web Purpose/Creative Brief, we work with you to understand your mission, goals, competitive positioning, and target audience — their main “pain points” (the need or concern you can help them solve). This is also where we look at your site analytics, keywords, and competition.

3. Discover precisely what’s missing from your site, along with exciting opportunities to improve it.

This is where the fun really begins! We’ll conduct a Website Content Audit to evaluate your current site from the customer’s point of view, identify opportunities for improvement, and offer a detailed plan for web search optimization. We’ll also check out your competition to determine a) who shows up above you in search engine results; and b) what the competition says about their solutions. Then we’ll know exactly how to make YOUR solutions stand apart as the best!

4. Get an SEO Copywriting Makeover so your web pages bring in more sales.

Before we begin writing copy, you’ll receive a content strategy document outlining your website’s value proposition (how your products or services offer the best solutions), your compelling offer, your call to action, your primary keywords, etc.

This helps you prioritize your most critical messages so prospects and search engines can find your site and solutions.

Once you approve of this document, your web pages will be skillfully rewritten (or written from scratch if needed) combining persuasive online copywriting with ethical search engine optimization.

Notice that we mention persuasive online copywriting first.

This is the secret to making sure your prospects like what they read and know exactly how to take the next step to become a customer. Most SEO services don’t have a background in persuasive copywriting, but we do!

You’ll review our copy drafts, provide us with your feedback, and receive final versions for each page. And then, your team can upload the new copy and SEO tags, and let the magic begin. This approach has worked wonders for our many clients.

5. Enjoy even more traffic and sales with a smart Content Marketing Plan.

An optimized site is never “done,” especially with competitors constantly promoting themselves to your ideal customers. We’ll develop unique, high-quality content (helpful blog posts, articles, ebooks, white papers, e-mails, and more) for your site to keep it fresh, bring in new prospects, and give customers a reason to return often (search engines like it too!).

Shall we get going and make your website work MUCH better?

Contact us now to get started.