Who else wants big results from a skilled direct response copywriter?

Persuasive online copywriting can indeed give you a 5%, 10%, or even 15% response rate on your next campaign — as our other clients have enjoyed

This example of our direct-response copywriter’s work generated a whopping 15% response!

Find out what it’s like to generate more leads and sales when we deliver copy backed by 15+ years of experience in direct response copywriting.

You can count on us to follow our proven “Top 11 Copywriting Strategies” for direct marketing that WORKS, including…

  • Understanding your prospect — getting to the heart of his or her deepest needs, wishes, and emotions when it comes to your product category
  • Helping you articulate your message with a Big Idea — a big, compelling concept that explains why you’re the BEST solution to those needs
  • Writing strong, promise headlines that instantly capture attention in ways that reflect: “You’ve found the right solution!” and keep your prospects reading
  • Cleverly helping your prospects picture the benefits of your products and services… so they can see themselves in that happy state after using them
  • Providing plenty of proof to satisfy the prospect’s logic —backing up your promises and benefit claims with statistics, facts, testimonials, study results, before/after stories, etc.
  • Creating a copy structure that breaks up the messages in super-effective ways, such as bullets, subheads, calls-outs, photo captions, and more, following proven methods
  • Helping you create offers your prospects can’t resist – free reports, guides, demos, and other premiums that motivate prospects to begin a relationship with your company
  • Talking in your natural voice, to your prospects —so you can speak one-on-one to the potential buyer in ways that resonate (no corporate-speak here!)
  • Setting your products/services apart from the competition, so prospects feel they’ve finally found the best, most valuable answer for themselves
  • Driving responses with strong calls-to-action that remind prospects of the benefits they’re about to enjoy
  • Making it easy to do business with you, with clear, bold direction on how to order now, download, sign up, try for free, and so forth, depending on your campaign goal
Pam Foster is an AWAI Verified direct response copywriter

ContentClear Marketing owner Pam Foster is an AWAI Verified direct response copywriter

When you see the AWAI Verified badge, you know you’re working with a direct-response copywriter who understands persuasion and results.

AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc.) is the world’s leader in direct-response copywriting training, and Pam Foster is not only AWAI-trained, she has developed training programs for other copywriters. She’s also a frequent speaker/presenter at AWAI training events, a frequest AWAIonline.com contributing copywriter, and since November, 2015 — their Director of Copywriting Training. Consider what this means to YOUR PROJECTS: you’ll have Pam writing or supervising your projects so they bring you results.

By the way, we’ll not only use our “Top 11 Copywriting Strategies” for your direct mail, email/landing page campaigns, trade show materials, and online sales letters…

You can expect us to apply these strategies to ALL the direct marketing copy services we provide for you:

Web SEO, blogs posts, articles, case studies, white papers, emails, landing pages, and more.

After all, it’s all marketing!

Take a look at our Samples page to see our work.

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