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How a Skilled Web Team Builds Sites the Right Way

We’re pretty certain you wouldn’t let your nephew Johnny or a high-school neighbor do your taxes or negotiate the sale of your home. So why would you trust your Web site investment to a novice? Launching a successful business Web site is a job for the pros. Let’s meet them…


Boost Online Profits With Persuasive Web Content

“Content is King” is the rule of thumb in the web industry because the content, or copy, is your online salesperson. When optimized web copy engages prospects immediately and clearly shows them an attractive solution to their needs, the results can be very exciting….


Web Usability Is a Key Factor in Site Profitability

Web site “usability” determines your success — and without following usability guidelines, your site might be sunk before it even goes live on the Internet. Why? Because the fact is, if your site’s not user-friendly—there’s no point in having it. Here’s how to check your site’s user-friendliness…


A New Way to Look at Marketing’s USP to Boost Web Sales

As most marketers know, the “USP,” or Unique Selling Proposition, was coined by Rosser Reeves of the Ted Bates & Company ad agency in the 1940s. It was developed to help their clients develop unique selling points that built brand appeal and recall. But not everyone digs deep enough to convey a meaningful USP. Let’s look…


9 Ways to Market Your Website via Offline Marketing

As you think about marketing your Web site, consider that your ideal prospects and customers are bombarded with marketing messages every day. You need to make sure your Web site’s messages stand out — OFTEN — to reach your target audience in a meaningful way. Plan to reach your prospects and customers through a repeated mix of offline and online tactics…