Pam Foster is a Certified SEO Copywriter Under the SuccessWorks Program

ContentClear Marketing is among the first to complete the SuccessWorks SEO Certificate of Completion — demonstrating an understanding of how to increase web traffic through search engine keyword strategies.

Web Content Provider and Content Strategy Consultant, Pam Foster, is one of the first SEO copywriters in the web industry to complete the SuccessWorks SEO Certification Program; a 3-month online course. She received her Certificate of Completion in just 2 weeks, demonstrating that she has mastered SEO copywriting fundamentals and advanced techniques during her many years as a web content strategist and copywriter.

Pam’s Certification signifies that she follows ethical SEO copywriting best practices needed to perform professional SEO content audits and improve web site search engine results for online businesses and organizations. The SuccessWorks SEO Certification Program is the only program in the web industry focused on the principles of successful SEO copywriting: combining clear, persuasive sales copy with targeted keyphrase strategies to attract customers via search engines.

SuccessWorks owner and SEO Certification Program founder Heather Lloyd-Martin said, “Congratulations to Pam for completing my course so quickly! When a copywriter earns my certificate of completion, that individual has demonstrated professional SEO skills that can help web marketers improve web traffic and sales results. Specific training includes how to successfully choose the right keyphrases across the buying cycle, develop a solid per-page keyphrase strategy that lifts all boats, and uncover new content marketing opportunities that will drive traffic.”

Upon receiving her certificate and earning the right to post the SuccessWorks badge on her websites, Pam said, “Heather’s program is a fantastic guide to knowing how to increase web traffic through the strategic use of keywords and carefully crafted messages. Her program was challenging and thorough, and I’m proud to have completed it in a short time, based on my work with all kinds of web clients.”

Pam also completed the updated 2015 certification to maintain her knowledge of SEO best practices, and also trains other ContentClear writers on SEO copywriting.

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