With organic searches accounting for up to 64% of web traffic, SEO copywriting is still a MUST. We’ll help you follow a smart web content plan that blends:

  • Clear, persuasive online copywriting that’s 100% focused on solving your visitors’ needs and moving them to action, and
  • Ethical SEO (search engine optimization) weaving in the most relevant keywords so people can find your site in searches

Finally, an easy way to get more traffic and customers.

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Pam Foster is an AWAI Verified direct response copywriter

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ContentClear Report 5 Steps to Veterinry Website WellnessHarness the power of “help, not hype” articles, blog posts, white papers, ebooks, and more, here.

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Introducing the 5-step C-Clear MethodSM for Web Search Optimization, which combines consulting, discovery tools, SEO copywriting, and web-team coordination to create web content that works.

  1. Tell us what’s happening (or not happening!) now.
  2. Confirm your mission, your ideal customer, and what you’re trying to convey.
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